The Story So Far...

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The Story So Far...

Post by Copper_Rabbit on Sun Apr 10, 2016 10:25 am

It’s the year 2016 and let’s be honest we’re obsessed with our electronic gadgets; from smartphones, tablets, computers, game boys, and more we can’t seem to get enough of our technology. Not many of us can bare to part with our mobile devices long enough to pay attention in class, perform our tasks at work, have a nice meal with the family, or even when we’re driving. Our mobile devices are practically glued to our ears and hands. What if our mobile devices literally started taking over our lives? Enter the popular MMO game known and loved by youth around the world .. Cassiopeia.

Cassiopeia is an intergalactic MMO set in a world beyond your imagination. The realm of Cassiopeia is set in the Andromeda galaxy, floating above earth, and encompassing many planets, constellations, nebulae, and stars. In this game the players, known as stars, are fighting across the galaxy against demons, aliens, other stars, constellations, and asteroids, all to reach the celestial castle in the heart of the galaxy and face the Zodiarchy. Who are the Zodiarchy you might ask? The Zodiarchy are the creators of the universe, the overseers of the fate of not only the galaxy but the entire universe. The fate of many worlds, species, and people rests in their hands. Rumors that have been passed down from far and wide hint that the Zodiarchy, the wise council of twelve, aren’t merciful and just rulers. The rumors go as far as to accuse them of causing supernovae, meteor strikes, and even the genocide of once thriving races only leaving desolate planets which are now uninhabitable. Young stars who’ve grown up in fear of the council are now taking up arms to overthrow the corrupt council and ascend to their immortal rank.

The path of a star is full of trials and tribulations. In order to take on the sinister council you must beware what lies in the depth of space. Will you crash and burn or shoot across the galaxy and illuminate the universe with the light of truth and hope for a brighter future?

Sounds like an entertaining game but what if something happened to the game that caused a rift in the space time continuum? That’s where a hacking group known to the Cassiopeia players as Asteroid comes into play. Asteroid, according to the bulletin board system, is a group of hackers (and maybe even consist of game developers dissatisfied with the over popularity and commercialism of the game) who decided it would be amusing to tick off the large fan base by messing with the data of the game and causing an odd occurrence, an anomaly, called the “crater”. The crater somehow manifested into a physical problem but also granted a select group of players who were in a black hole session when the crater tore through Cassiopeia some of the powers that their characters in the game possess. The Zodiarchy and Constellations discovered the crater and sent out missions to those “blessed” with the powers to help repair the physical anomaly before the fabric of time and space is frayed. It’s doubtful that Asteroid will own up to their glitch so will you use your powers for good or evil?

The virtual world and real life are in peril. The game is no longer just on your mobile. How will you adapt to your new powers, will the pressure of saving the real world and your favorite virtual reality  make you crumble? Or will you overcome the odds and become a real star

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