The Official Rules

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The Official Rules

Post by Copper_Rabbit on Sun Apr 10, 2016 11:34 am

Here's the part we all dread to read but it's necessary to do so. I'll break down the rules into bullet points and if you have any questions, concerns, or comments regarding the rules feel free to shoot the admin a pm.

  • Respect everyone. If you have a disagreement with another person don't fight or you'll both get a strike and it's three strikes and you're out. Feel free to message the admin concerning your problems and the admin will address the situation.
  • No god modding. That means you can't take control of another person's character.
  • No auto hitting. You can't automatically hit another person's character and not give them a chance to defend against the attack.
  • No killing. Seriously. No killing off main characters unless it's crucial to plot development and everyone is on board with the idea. Monsters, villains, and NPCs (non playable characters) will be killed off.
  • Violence. Violence will be apart of this story but don't get too into detail about how you kill of an enemy. Keep it fairly tame. I don't want to hear about people getting disemboweled or tortured.
  • Romance. Romance might come about in this story but again we need to be tasteful in how we dealĀ  with the topic. If things start getting steamy please do a time skip. Don't go into details. Just time skip. This story isn't going to be a smut story.
  • Cursing. Don't drop swears every other line. Keep it classy. It's understandable that characters will cuss when frustrated, annoyed, angry, scared, etc but please refrain from having a super foul mouthed character.
  • You're allowed to have up to 2 characters in this role play. If you want a third then shoot the admin a pm and your request will be discussed and decided upon by the admin.
  • Literacy. This is a semi lit rp. This means that basic grammar is expected. There won't be grammar nazi police patrolling the forum but please try to use punctuation, capitalization, correct word usage, spelling, and break up paragraphs.
  • The admin has the authority to add more rules if need be.

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