The Gamer's Guide to Cassiopeia

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The Gamer's Guide to Cassiopeia

Post by Copper_Rabbit on Sun Apr 10, 2016 10:30 am

-- The virtual reality world. Home to those aspiring to reach the ranks of the immortal!

Hongdae -- Hot spot of youth culture in South Korea. Home of video game lounges, cafes, music, fashion and fun. What hidden lore related to Cassiopeia could be taken from this culture hub? There's also an eccentric group of elite players who supposedly meet up to discuss strategies at one of the local coffee shops.

Seoul -- Where the developers of the game live. It was the largest city that was involved in the beta testing for the game. Rumor has it that some of the beta testers "died" and their bodies were discovered around different parts of the city. Seoul is still the biggest hot spot for the game boasting more players than any other city or country.

Hunts -- Hunts are like a huge scavenger hunt. Hunts typically happen in the real world and you receive a notification to your mobile device that has a cryptic clue hinting where the item is located. It's every man woman and child for himself when it comes to hunts. Clusters can't assist fellow members during a hunt. It's a free for all to see who can get to the item first to collect the points. When you find the item in question you snap a picture and upload it onto the game as proof. First place gets 12,000 points, 6,000 goes to second, and third gets 3,000.

Slays -- On your quest to take on the Zodiarchy you'll stumble upon monsters, demons, aliens and wide assortment of creatures which are hostile. The goal of slays is to exterminate the creature before it kills you. Slays are also good to do if you need to gain experience points before larger events like slays. Typically regulars slays earn you anywhere from 3,000 to 5,000 points.

There's an uncommon slay involving demons that are stronger than the usual lesser demons that wonder around the world map. These demons are special as they take on emotions like greed, wrath, pride and even some of our own ill traits. Can you defeat them before they become a real personal problem? Killing these "personal demons" can earn a player 7,000-10,000 points depending on the strength of the demon they face.

Raids -- Raids are a limited opportunities where you can pillage, raid, and potentially destroy the base of other players. During a raid nothing is safe. You'd better defend your rare gear lest someone steal it from you. In raids you're allowed to attack other players as well. Who will you target?

Sponsorship campaigns -- local and international companies got intrigued by the game sweeping the youth of multiple nations and decided to get involved. there are certain campaigns in Cassiopeia that are sponsored by companies like McDonald's, Sony, LG, which offer exclusive content related to the company's products be it equipment, outfit, or items which can act as boosters.

In app purchases -- oh candy crush how we despise your damn in app purchases well Cassiopeia isn't excluded from the in app purchase bribery either. in app purchases range from exclusive equipment, weapons, outfits, materials for alchemy, or even familiars (familiars are cute little critters that you can summon to help you achieve your immortal status quicker by aiding you in battle). it's everything new and shiny thing that you could ever dream of but for a price.

Black hole -- a broken session of the game that is seemingly un winnable but there have been people who have won it by illegal means and exploitation. in order to win you need to be good with code and have the right tools. of course the people who beat a black hole game get suspended from playing again or banned. the fear of being banned still doesn't stop some gamers from exploiting the black hole game since they can easily transfer and make a new account.

Fusion-- let's not forget that Cassiopeia is an interactive mobile game so with fusion the player can take a picture using their mobile device of two objects then tap the fuse button to craft their own unique item. Fusion also has standard recipes you can follow to craft weapons and armor. The fusion options are only limited by your imagination! Get fusing now!

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